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Spectrograph 0th-Order Calculations

I’m trying to make a tool that allows the user to compute anything they ever wanted to know about spectrographs. It’s here: DESIGN YOUR OWN SPECTROGRAPH: The default parameters are for DBSP on the Hale 200-inch telescope. The parameters … Continue reading

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Classical and β Anamorphism in Spectrographs

The anamorphic factor is something that must be understood and manipulated in spectrographs operating off Littrow. I describe the anamorphic factor through a series of videos. Continue reading

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Chimera 2 first light

Chimera 2, a new high-speed and wide-field imager for Palomar achieved first light! Gregg Hallinan is the PI, I’m proud to have performed the lens-design for this instrument, all optics are off-the-shelf, so the real challenge was the imaginative way … Continue reading

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Canon f/2.0 200-mm ZEMAX model

Based on Japanese Patent J2001, 253050, A, I constructed an approximate optical model for the Canon EF f/2.0L 200-mm lens. I can’t know for sure if this model matches the constructed hardware, but the model is a good starting point. … Continue reading

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MOSFIRE Data Reduction Pipeline

A new MOSFIRE data reduction pipeline has been released. See the release notes.

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SED Machine Assembled Camera

The SED Machine camera (120-mm f/5.5) operates over a pretty broad wavelength range (360 nm — 1000 nm) and delivers absolutely beautiful images. It’s a Petzval-like lens with an external (real) pupil about one camera focal length in front. The … Continue reading

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Potting of SED Machine Optics

The SED Machine optics were potted back in October of 2013. These

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