Projects for students

I’m eager to work with Caltech students (both grad and undergrad) on a variety of topics associated with astronomical observations and instrumentation. Topics include developing innovative software and hardware. I’ve worked with a number of students who I’m proud to say have gone on to great universities and fellowships. Please stop by my office, email, or call me if you’re interested.

n.b., If you’re interested in a SURF project, contact me early. I can help figure out a good project for you.

Students that have work with me while at Caltech (and their current affiliation):

  1. Sagi Ben-Ami (Harvard)
  2. Alex Rudy (University of California, Santa Cruz)
  3. Suk-Sien Tie (Ohio State)
  4. Kathleen Knobbe (Caltech)
  5. Arianna Lanz (Princeton)

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