The transient universe as seen by iPTF and ZTF

I’m attending The transient universe as seen by iPTF and ZTF meeting in Stockholm Sweden. Discussion will range from circumstellar interaction, cosmology, and asteroid science to details about the iPTF, and ZTF surveys. I’m keen to learn about all anticipated used of SED Machine!


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Atels #6113 and #6114

The SED Machine delivered its first public classifications. The instrument team (Nick, Robert, and Sagi) had a beautiful four night run in early May. A student and postdoc from the National Central University in Taiwan were also there to watch SED Machine operations. On the nights of 3 and 4 May 2014 we posted Atel #6113 and Atel #6114. Atel 6114 was particularly sweet as the classification was generated within 20 minutes of the complete exposure.

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SED Machine Assembled Camera

The SED Machine camera (120-mm f/5.5) operates over a pretty broad wavelength range (360 nm — 1000 nm) and delivers absolutely beautiful images.


It’s a Petzval-like lens with an external (real) pupil about one camera focal length in front. The designed images were achieved (as can be seen from this mercury-lamp spectrum:

Mercury lamp spectrum

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Potting of SED Machine Optics

The SED Machine optics were potted back in October of 2013. These



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