Atels #6113 and #6114

The SED Machine delivered its first public classifications. The instrument team (Nick, Robert, and Sagi) had a beautiful four night run in early May. A student and postdoc from the National Central University in Taiwan were also there to watch SED Machine operations. On the nights of 3 and 4 May 2014 we posted Atel #6113 and Atel #6114. Atel 6114 was particularly sweet as the classification was generated within 20 minutes of the complete exposure.

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SED Machine Assembled Camera

The SED Machine camera (120-mm f/5.5) operates over a pretty broad wavelength range (360 nm — 1000 nm) and delivers absolutely beautiful images.


It’s a Petzval-like lens with an external (real) pupil about one camera focal length in front. The designed images were achieved (as can be seen from this mercury-lamp spectrum:

Mercury lamp spectrum

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Potting of SED Machine Optics

The SED Machine optics were potted back in October of 2013. These



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