New code repository

I’ve started a new github repository for the SED Machine control. The code is a series of python servers that communicate via XML RPC. A second “Konidaris python” repository was created. The KPY repository includes tools for atmospheric absorption, mirror reflectivity, centroids, function fitting, SED Machine, and zemax-python bridge via PyZDDE.

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Chimera 2 first light

Chimera 2, a new high-speed and wide-field imager for Palomar achieved first light! Gregg Hallinan is the PI, I’m proud to have performed the lens-design for this instrument, all optics are off-the-shelf, so the real challenge was the imaginative way in which the off-the-shelf optics were combined.

An example Chimera 2 first light image is shown below:

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TMT Science Forum

I’m attending the TMT Science forum in Tucson next week! This will be a great opportunity to talk about my work on TMT! Follow us on #tmtsf14.

TMT SCience Forum


I gave a presentation on the observational capability and technical aspects of IRMS.

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SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation 2014

I’m attending the SPIE astronomical instrumentation meeting in Montreal (from June 22 – 28). This is a great time to get together with colleagues from TMT, and discuss SED Machine.

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Canon f/2.0 200-mm ZEMAX model

Based on Japanese Patent J2001, 253050, A, I constructed an approximate optical model for the Canon EF f/2.0L 200-mm lens. I can’t know for sure if this model matches the constructed hardware, but the model is a good starting point.


Download the zemax archive file

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MOSFIRE Data Reduction Pipeline

A new MOSFIRE data reduction pipeline has been released. See the release notes.


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SED Machine Spectrum of Saturn!

Below is a beautiful integral-field spectrum of Saturn!

SED Machine Spectrum of Saturn

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SED Machine and 2013cu

Thanks Avishay Gal-Yam et al. for a shout out to SED Machine in their recent Nature paper “A Wolf–Rayet-like progenitor of SN 2013cu from spectral observations of a stellar wind“. They even go so far as to simulate what the SED Machine spectrum of a 2013cu-like event will look like:


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The transient universe as seen by iPTF and ZTF

I’m attending The transient universe as seen by iPTF and ZTF meeting in Stockholm Sweden. Discussion will range from circumstellar interaction, cosmology, and asteroid science to details about the iPTF, and ZTF surveys. I’m keen to learn about all anticipated used of SED Machine!


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Atels #6113 and #6114

The SED Machine delivered its first public classifications. The instrument team (Nick, Robert, and Sagi) had a beautiful four night run in early May. A student and postdoc from the National Central University in Taiwan were also there to watch SED Machine operations. On the nights of 3 and 4 May 2014 we posted Atel #6113 and Atel #6114. Atel 6114 was particularly sweet as the classification was generated within 20 minutes of the complete exposure.

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